Letter: Neighbors helping neighbors

Dear Editor,

We were impacted by the recent storm and power outage for several days. The four of us took a ride in my truck to warm up and get something to eat. 

We showed up at the River Rock Diner in Owego just as they were closing. Rather than turn us away, they welcomed us with open arms and said we needed to have a good meal and they would be happy to cook us one. 

How wonderfully nice the waitress, the chef, and the other employees treated us. I imagine they all stayed longer at work because of us but were truly caring, compassionate, and didn’t hurry us at all. 

The only thing better than the excellent food they prepared was their kindness to us! Thank you again to the River Rock Diner for being a great local restaurant and helping out you neighbors!


Rance Brode

Owego, N.Y.

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