Letter: What is Tioga County doing to protect our farms?

Dear Editor,

I recently became aware that Bradford County has received over $90,000 from the State to protect the 139-acre Clarance v. Woodward Dairy Farm. An additional 39 farms in Pennsylvania were protected as well, bringing 6,044 farms and their priceless resources that sustain our economy into this protected category. 

Bradford County facilitated the process by contributing $35,000. I commend Bradford County’s leadership for their foresight. 

My question is, as a resident and taxpayer in Tioga County, N.Y., what is the Tioga County Legislature, Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District, and Tioga County’s Cornell Cooperative Extension doing to provide similar protection for Tioga County farms? 

Sincerely Yours,

Marty Borko
Waverly, N.Y. 

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