Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Yes, we know this is a dog. This dog’s name is Zoey, and Gail wanted to do a Memoriam for her beloved pet, pal, and babysitter for a boat load of cats. The following is Zoey’s story.

My name is Zoey! When I was 9 months old I was surrendered to a shelter in Georgia because I “needed too much attention.” I stayed there for a while, but one day they said they needed to make room for more dogs, so I was put on what they call “a kill list – code red!”

A lady named Gail saw my picture and said to save me for her. I was so happy. A rescue pulled me out of the shelter and put me into foster care with a lady named Laura until my ride came to take me to Gail. At Laura’s I learned what cats were and I liked them. After one week, my ride came to take me to Gail. It was a very long ride from Georgia to New York.

I was so happy to get to my new home, but there was this cold white stuff on the ground. They called it snow. Georgia doesn’t have that, so I was afraid of it at first, so I bit it! It was cold! I ate some, and then I ran in the back yard and made figure 8’s in the snow. I got tired, and at 4 a.m. we went to bed.

Gail had a lot of cats, but they liked me. I liked them too! Over the years I met a lot of them. Recently some kittens tried to play with me. I let them play.

In January I got a couple lumps on my belly. The vet said they were fatty tumors. I was supposed to go for surgery on April 27 to have them taken off.

On April 15, after dinner, I got sick. Then during the night I got sick again. On April 16 I was sick four more times.  

That night I felt terrible and was having a hard time breathing. Gail laid down with me on the floor so we could sleep together. In the morning we went to the Companion Animal Hospital and they did tests and took x-rays. My belly was full of fluid. They said I had a bowel perforation and was septic.  

My lumps on my belly were cancerous. Now my blood was sick. I didn’t have much time left, so Gail lay on the floor with me again and petted me as I went to sleep. She told me she loved me and didn’t want me to suffer anymore. I closed my eyes as she kissed me good-bye.

I met the other two dogs that used to live here, Star and Kayla, as I crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Easter Sunday.

Sometimes it really hurts to love your animals so much. God bless Zoey, RIP beautiful girl.

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