Letter: The geese are on the move!

Dear Editor,

March is generally considered waterfowl month. As temperatures warm and the ice goes off ponds, ducks, geese and swans make their way north. 

During this first week in March, and as the ice left the trails and opened up half of the Carantouan Greenway’s pond at Wildwood, it was visited by many duck species. 

In addition to the many Canada geese it served as host to; 19 wood ducks, two black ducks, 10 mallards, a pair of American widgeons, 10 common mergansers, five hooded mergansers, and 44 ring-necked ducks. 

Every day provides another opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. The public is invited to walk Carantouan Greenway’s maintained trails and experience its surroundings.

Marty Borko

Waverly, N.Y.

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