Pay Attention to your Mind and Smile from Your Heart

Pay Attention to your Mind and Smile from Your HeartIllustration: Brahma Kumaris.

The heart is like a flower; unless it is open it cannot release its fragrance into the world. The fragrance of the heart is made up of the spiritual qualities and virtues. We at times have learned how to keep our heart closed in a world that might trample over us if we let it. 

Being openhearted today requires courage. When we realize we are spirit, no one can hurt us, no matter what they say or do. Open the heart to those you think have hurt you. It wasn’t others who hurt you, it was yourself, but it created tension and distrust and closed your heart. When we open our closed hearts, we begin to heal ourselves.

We are all originally pure in heart. It is what we accumulate and learn from the physical world around us that blocks and clogs our heart. 

The more we pay attention to what is in our mind and heart, the more we will become tension-free.

Add “a” to tension and pay attention. When I am tension free, it is easy to do whatever I need to do. Complaints about others will then vanish. 

Pay Attention to your Mind and Smile from Your Heart

Illustration: Brahma Kumaris.

Recognizing mistakes happens in the heart. However, to dwell on them only causes tension and it stops my progress. Do not place mistakes on your head; the weight may crush you! Instead, learn from them. Put them under your feet and use them as an elevated platform to view your horizon.  

A great deal of difference is seen between the face of a person who comes into tension and a person who pays attention. Let your mind be filled with the most elevated thoughts and remembrance of the One, and your smiling face will do service. Your stage should remain so happy that others would ask, “How does this one always remain so well?” 

For this to happen, truly smile from your heart, not just superficially – having one thing in the heart and something else in the head and on the lips. To smile lovingly from the heart softens the heart and empowers others to become strong. When a problem comes, smile, and connect to God’s heart.  

Feeling the happiness of Godly love within, I remember every situation passes and has something to teach me. Solutions come more quickly and easily. Use your smile from the heart to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.

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