Letter: ‘Safe’ is a big word

Dear Editor,

My name is Ronald K. Rogers, some people know me and I’m sure many more don’t. I grew up in Tioga County, N.Y. and have lived there my whole life of 55 years. 

I wanted to express my opinions on gun control, and these are my own opinions. I want to talk about the school shooting that never took place; I want to talk about the teenager that never used a gun to take his or her life. I want to talk about the kid that never got shot because they simply could not pick up a gun that wasn’t secured properly. 

The very word “Safe” is such a big word. Let’s all take gun control seriously. I was raised with guns and was taught respect for them and for life itself, and the life of any animal, which includes us human beings. So, think if all people, pro-gun or anti-gun, worked together, what we could accomplish. 

The greatest nation in the world could easily have the best gun control in the world. Maybe a “SAFE” could save a life. Maybe talking to a teen could save a life. Let’s all work together. Let’s make life mean something for everybody. 

Let’s try working together. We don’t need politicians for this. We just need all people to put life ahead of political gain. 

I’m going to try to talk more about this in the weeks to come. 


Ron Rogers

Nichols, N.Y.

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