Moral Values and Virtues Are Caught Not Taught

Moral Values and Virtues Are Caught Not TaughtIllustration: Brahma Kumaris.

“The next decade will determine the future of our planet and our global family. We need to be fearless and compassionate to the life-affirming choices we need to make.”

The most valuable life-affirming choices are the gifts of values and virtues we develop and pass on quietly to others through our selfless and noble actions. Virtues are taught not through words, but by others observing the quality of our character and actions as we go about daily life. These virtues form the armor that continues to protect us, so the negativity in the world around me will not enter my heart and mind. 

This holiday time give one’s self the gift of becoming complete with all virtues, to be completely peaceful, loving and happy, and ready for newness in the new year!    

We are in a pivotal time. However, one thing the past few years have shown is the world can change quickly. Across different sectors and movement spaces, there’s a paradigm shift towards racial equity and transformative justice on a massive and collaborative scale.” – Vandana Shiva, YES Magazine.

Yes, we are becoming aware of the difference between our original true virtues and values and those we have acquired over time and are false. How do we free ourselves from falsehood? When we connect to God who is Truth, we draw that energy down into us. We then recognize that falsehood, waste and negativity do not belong to us. The awareness of our original goodness and truth gives hope and happiness to others and us.  

We now understand every action has its seed in a thought and every thought is a creation of myself, the soul, the thinker. I choose my thoughts and as is my thinking, so are my actions and experience in life.  

No man is born great by birth but to achieve greatness one must do great actions. A person is identified by his actions so let bygones be bygones. Instead we must vow to do great actions and aim at transforming our lives. Consider this not a jail but a reform home.”  BK Sisters addressing inmates in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Going within, I touch the stillness and pure love at the center of my being, and every thought I create from this space benefits myself and humanity.  

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” — Jimmy Hendrix

Have a peaceful, loving, and happy holiday! 

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