Letter: Opting in is a big red flag!

Dear Editor,

As may know, the State of New York has offered all governments the opportunity to Opt In or Opt Out of the local sales and consumption of Marijuana at local establishments. This decision is given to your local town and village boards. 

The Town Board of Newark Valley has chosen to Opt Out, as the State has no plan to support this activity. They are leaving it up to local governments to regulate and administer. 

The biggest deciding factor was that once you Opt In or take no action, you are in for life. To me that’s the big red flag! The State has offered a bribe; those government bodies that Opt In are rewarded with a small portion at 3%, of a fictional sales amount in your local community.

The information presented was not in favor of Opt In regulation. Information was; Increased Emergency Service Costs, Increased Law Enforcement Costs, and Lower Assessed Property Values. The result would be added costs to all taxpayers in the communities that Opt In.

This Dec. 27 there is a public meeting to be held by the Newark Valley Village Board and Mayor, at which time they have invited public comment. After which a vote by five people could very well make history in our community. 

I encourage those that have an opinion to please attend this meeting. Please reach out to the Newark Valley Trustees and Mayor and tell them to not support this and Opt Out. Let’s not let the State of New York gain any more control of our lives.

I would like to comment about last week’s caller that talked about marijuana sales and consumption establishments in the Village of Newark Valley. This person is suggesting that the village board Opt In. Their only justification is a few bucks they hope to pick up. They ask for suggestions to increase monies in the village in place of Opting In.

I am a lifetime resident in this community. I remember when there was not an empty building or residence in the village. Today, a quick count is that there are 19 abandoned businesses and residences, several of with the village mows and maintains at a direct cost to the taxpayer.

So to those looking for the few bucks that marijuana will bring in, get to work revitalizing. Total assessments in the village have dropped disproportionately in our community; lower total assessment value equals higher taxes.

Help put these properties back in the black, increasing the total assessed value.

In conclusion, I ask that each of us address this situation personally, and get to the village meeting on Dec. 27 at 6:30 p.m. Let your leaders know how you want the Newark Valley Village to vote! It’s your community; they work for you.


Joe Tomazin

Newark Valley Town Councilman 

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  1. I disagree, this is a new revenue of taxes. 40 plus jobs and counting. It’s not this industry’s fault other businesses are empty. I can agree with the point of opting-in, is for life. I come from Denver where it’s been legal for a long time, it did a lot of good for the State, also marijuana use among teens went down. As long as they are professional and hopefully are active in the community, it’s a growing industry and a new revenue for taxes.

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