The Secret to a Full Life

The Secret to a Full LifeBrahma Kumaris Illustration.

A main fear in life is the fear of dying. Death has been on our doorstep now for over a year and many throughout the world have lost loved ones. The recent statistic is that one out of 500 in the U.S.A. have died due to the virus.

Is it possible to rid ourselves of this fear of the hereafter, and if so, how? A new yet very old knowledge is spreading worldwide explaining that death does not exist, there is no death, only life after life after life and so on without end. 

I, the soul, never die. I always am. This new knowledge clarifies that the identity of you and me is not the physical body with all its extensions of age, gender, race and religion, but we are individual souls, thinking beings of spiritual energy separate from the body. By incorrectly identifying ourselves as bodies, when our bodies become old or sick, we also feel the life force within becomes old, ill, and possibly dies.  

Not so!  Obviously, we have not experienced our bodies to be just physical costumes made of matter that will turn to dust or ashes, nor have we experienced ourselves to be souls, immortal thinking spiritual beings that live forever. There is no death, as you, the soul, never die. Whether a soul leaves the body (known today as death) or a soul is in the womb of its mother or if a person is in a coma, the soul is alive, still creates thoughts and also receives thoughts, but cannot express them.

“The secret to a full life is to have no fear of death because death does not exist”.

With this new understanding, when a soul leaves the body the family left behind should create thoughts of love, not sorrow or pain. Thoughts such as, “I cannot live without you,” “How could you leave us,” these thoughts will only cause unrest and pain in the departed soul.  

Instead, look into your heart and dissolve any heavy feelings of loss or sorrow and fill it with thoughts of love and happiness. Give blessings to the departed soul; they will receive and feel them, be comforted and move happily into their next life. When you serve souls who have passed on by creating this peaceful atmosphere through your loving vibrations, you will feel God showering you with blessings and love and power flowing through you.

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