Letter: Let’s take pride in our neighborhoods

Dear Editor,

There are at least six residences on Davis Hollow, Chamberlain, and Bailey Hollow Roads in Newark Valley with yards full of junk, unregistered vehicles, household trash, and garbage. Over the years old tires have been burned, loud screaming, yelling, and swearing from adults and children, inhumane treatment of animals, kids riding motorized vehicles without helmets, trash on the side of the road, and more.  

Tioga County has also placed up to six newly released sex offenders in the area. Some of them are Level 3’s on the sex offender list and some wear ankle bracelets. They need to abide by their stipulations, which we do not have access to.  

The owners of the properties have been visited by the sheriff’s office, code enforcement, child protection, probation and parole, yet the neighborhood keeps getting worse. Many of us do not feel safe in our own homes, especially if we complain. 

The majority of residents keep up their homes, even if they live in a trailer or are poor. It is very hard to understand how a few residents can control the environment that we all live in. The rational is that if you live in the country you can do anything with your property. The attitude is, “I don’t [expletive removed] care,” “It is just generational,” and, “Keep your nose out of my business.” 

Not only are the residences unsightly, but also they devalue the surrounding properties by at least 10 to 20%. Unfortunately, if there are not complaints and consequences then nothing will change.  

The Newark Valley Town Board and Tioga County Legislature needs to be involved and take this seriously. A property maintenance code can be put in place, discussions with the sheriff’s office and state police, probation and parole, and the neighborhood residents. Fines should be levied, especially for those who are frequent offenders. Property assessments should be lowered for the homes that are kept up. 

Information regarding New York State’s Motor Vehicle Junkyard Law can be found at https://dos.ny.gov/system/files/documents/2019/05/controllingjunk.pdf.

My hope is that we can all be proud of our neighborhood and keep it a safe and clean environment for everyone. 


Kathleen Brazo 

Town of Newark Valley

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  1. I would echo this article. There doesn’t seem to be any repercussions for some of these houses to have junk from one end of their lots to another. I am embarrassed when I invite people over because they have to drive by two of these houses. Where are our public officials?

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