Letter: Live and Let Live

Dear Editor, 

In the previous 12 months I’ve traveled and spent time in Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. I was vaccinated early on, and except for the air travel I’ve not worn a mask. 

As of now the reality is that mask wearing has become not as much about my caring to take care of my health, as it has become an issue by the States and Federal Government. It seems they feel that bringing back mask mandates will move more people to get vaccinated. It will not. 

I care about others, but others must care about themselves. For the same reason not everyone gets a seasonal Flu shot or any of the other recommended proactive shots. It is on them, not the government, to regulate by fiat of mandates to bring into compliance with what has become more of a political issue than health. 

One can apply any “political theory” to it that’s out there, but this has now become more media hype and not science based facts.  

My own “theory” is “live and let live” – whether it is my health, home or religion. I urge others to speak up to our elected officials in Albany and Washington who should be conveying this to the rule makers to stand down.


Florence Alpert 

Candor, N.Y.

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