A New Beginning from the Inside Out

A New Beginning from the Inside OutIllustration by Brahma Kumaris (BKWSU.org).

We are like spiritual beings with antennas. We have the ability to silently send and receive thought vibrations. However, our negative thought vibrations currently have reached pandemic proportions; the virus of waste and negative thoughts overwhelms positive thoughts. Laziness, fear, fatigue, worry, overeating, a lack of peace, anger, greed, unfulfilled desires, and suppression of feelings stop us from creating a new beginning. What precautions are we researching against these negative influences of the mind?

First, understand how our thoughts are like elevators. They take us up and they take us down. The operator of the elevator is you, the soul, the thinking being. You are the one who chooses the thoughts that will keep you up or take you down. 

Or do you find that the elevator has taken over and goes up and down how and when it likes?  

‘I can’t control my mind!’

We develop aches and pains all over our bodies, mainly because of our thoughts. It is like the elevator got stuck on the bottom floor, heavy and overweight, not obeying our desires to go up to the top floor. 

A loving relationship with God is the right prescription, the vaccine for overcoming this contagious virus of negativity. With this injection of pure love, the operator gains control of the elevator of the mind by following these simple rules for a new beginning: 

A New Beginning from the Inside Out

Illustration by Brahma Kumaris (BKWSU.org).

1. Live with attention, not tension and worry. The first step for being a peacemaker is to stop being at war with myself. It is when the turbulence of my mind ceases that I can make peace with the world and myself.  

2. Use time in a worthwhile way. Remember the importance of the present. The most successful and powerful moments are the present moments when the soul can be conscious of itself as a powerful energy. This very moment is a new beginning. Think, feel, experience, know, and enjoy each moment.

3. From early morning through the day (first thought of the day sets the blueprint for the entire day), check the quality of your thoughts. Pure, positive thoughts, filled with happiness and strength lead to good health. Only you can give this medicine of right thinking to yourself. Suffering is always the effect of wrong thought in some direction; it indicates the individual is out of harmony with himself, with the laws of his being. Be careful you do not spread negative vibrations and dis-eases (not easy) through your thoughts or attitude. When we look in our heart, we know where our illness comes from. These weekly articles work like spiritual vaccine injections, giving us a boost of positive thoughts and good wishes that guarantee immunization.  

4. Protect your mind with a spiritual mask of love and power to reduce chances of being infected from negative emotions of others.  

5. Make a genuine effort to keep the mind occupied in thoughts of God, goodness, and virtues and the good you can do for self and others. A new beginning happens when we become a master of our mind, and thus our destiny.  

With God the Father in mind, thoughts become elevated and spirits rise; even the impossible becomes possible.

The benefits from a love-filled relationship with God are beyond number. Why? A Masters degree, a MA is given for successfully completing studies of knowledge of the physical world. However, a higher degree, a MAA degree, ‘Master Almighty Authority’ is received when we discover, study, and pass in the study of the wisdom that is waiting within, when we become the master of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. 

God alone eternally holds the AA degree! He is the Almighty Authority, and only He can bestow the MAA degrees!          

(You can contact Sister Chirya Risely, formerly from Owego, at bkchirya@gmail.com.)

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