Fraud Tips

Fraud, not just related to unemployment benefits, is running rampant. If you receive any correspondence from the New York State Department of Labor in regards to an unemployment claim, please review the paperwork. 

If you did not file for unemployment, please report on and also on  

If you receive correspondence from another state regarding an unemployment claim, please report that fraud to that state via phone or website.  

If you receive a credit card that you didn’t request, you may be a victim of fraud.  Please see for information and to file a claim.

If you receive a phone call that states they are from a company, government agency, credit card or other source, please do not click to talk to someone, it may be fraud. Hang up and call the company, agency, credit card, etc. directly to speak to a customer service representative.  

Tioga Career Center is available to assist with questions and information. Call (607) 687-8500.

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