Be like a Butterfly. It Sits Only on Beauty.

Be like a Butterfly. It Sits Only on Beauty.Illustration by Brahma Kumaris.

For creating a destiny of peace, love, happiness, health, wealth and harmony, we need to create the right thoughts. To make that happen in a natural way, pure information needs to be consumed.  

Stop and check the quality of information I am daily feeding my mind. At present more than ever, due to the national situation and global pandemic, we may be feeding ourselves with information full of violence, hatred, ridicule, sorrow, impurity, and manipulation.

“Be like a butterfly; it sits only on beauty, not on rubbish. Don’t be a housefly! Even if you ‘shoo’ it away from the rubbish, it comes back!” 

Check the self. Am I a butterfly or a housefly? Is my thinking bringing benefit or loss towards others and myself? 

The thoughts I have are subtle and deep, a reflection of my pattern of thinking. Thinking about others, negative news, and bulletins filled with violence, corruption and disease drain me of spiritual energy. Sharing negative information with friends is creating a deep karma (action) of radiating negative energy.  

“Rubbish in, Rubbish out!”  

This collective energy is reflected and makes our world what it is today. The next time we receive any information, we need to check whether it is the right diet for us to be spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially healthy. If not, let us not listen, read or absorb it, like we refuse to eat food that is not healthy or right for us.   

Spiritual information is our friend on this journey. Just read every word of a little piece of spiritual information, and feel the mind getting strengthened to cross the challenge in a dignified way. Begin the day with ten minutes of healthy and positive information.  

The first thought of the day sets the blueprint for the entire day. Focus on information full of wisdom and deep insights, which nurtures the mind and empowers us to create right thoughts daily in every situation.  

Become the instrument to serve with pure feelings; accumulate positive spiritual energy and share that energy with each one. With this awareness we create a destiny of our choice, either butterfly or house fly?  

The result is only a thought away! 

(Sister Chirya can be reached via email to, at Hunter Mountain, N.Y.)

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