The Unchanging Center of Myself

The Unchanging Center of MyselfIllustration by Brahma Kumaris.

What is certain is the world will continue to change. Accepting and not resisting this, is the first and most important inner skill in this frantically changing, modern world. The effects of science and technology are everywhere. Man is also becoming more desperate and frustrated as he tries to cope with the negativity in society, crime, disease and corruption. 

If you work in the same way as you have in the past – it means your inner patterns have not changed. Can you say, “Yes, the situation may get worse, but I am preparing for it.”   Being on a spiritual path means changing your old patterns of thinking. Life tests us every day to see how well we have developed this ability.  Don’t believe anyone who says you cannot change! 

Vision is one of the secrets of transformation. We are all artists; our mind is the arena of creation. To change, always start with creating a vision, not an action. What is your vision of yourself today – relaxed or tense, positive or negative, tired or full of energy, a peaceful soul living in the costume of a body, or maybe something else? See it and you will be it. Be it and you will do it. 

Prepare for the future by visualizing positive inner changes now and practicing being the change.  

There is nothing more real and certain than the ‘still point’, the inner space within each of us that never ever changes.  

I can visit this unchanging center of myself by visualizing that I am a spiritual being of light, a soul, with a natural nature of goodness. The ability to be in this inner silent space, where our original peace is found, when all around would prefer chaos and crisis, is the deepest spiritual skill for change. It is the eye of the storm; it is the oasis in the desert; it is the place where peace is power and peace is constant and where positive change occurs. 

Many, not recognizing the power of inner silence, do not value silence. When you check very carefully you will find that we all use the power of silence, even without knowing it.  When we need to remember something we look within, silence other thoughts and use this power. When we find our thoughts moving in many directions we need to say to our mind, “Slow down; become stable, concentrate.”  

After this brief interlude we are able to see things more clearly. Next time you have the opportunity of a moment’s silence, don’t waste that precious moment. Use it to store the strength within that is so necessary for dealing with the world without. Take a ‘time out’, use the ‘power of the pause’, visualize your still point, connect and remain resting there, experiencing your original natural peace.  

Keep these exercises in your spiritual tool kit and apply them to stay stable and unaffected by adverse circumstances. You’ll be surprised how much it can influence and change everything and everyone around you!  

See how easily the day would pass if you were able to move freely without being affected by the negative attitude of others; remain constantly in a calm and peaceful state rather than fluctuating up one minute then down the next like a see-saw. Every time you lose happiness and go down, just see how much energy is needed to take you up again. When we learn to remain constant, not only is energy saved, but also you will find that your mental strength increases. With mental strength and stability come the development and maturity of character. Strength of character depends upon my ability to remain stable and unaffected by obstacles and negativity.  

Strength of character creates my destiny!

(Sister Chirya has served at the Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Center in Hunter Mountain, N.Y. For 35 years she practiced and taught BK Raja Yoga meditation internationally and conducted Living Values Education in over 65 schools while based in the Caribbean for 15 years. Sister Chirya studied Education at Cornell University and brings her experience as an educator to various workshops and classes. You can contact her by email to 

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