The Way Out is to Go Within 

The Way Out is to Go Within Illustration by Brahma Kumaris. Provided.

Do I recharge myself as much as I recharge my phone? To recharge and renew myself deep inside I must stop, for a second, and say to myself, “Now I shall go inside.” I focus within and pass beyond the muddle and find myself in my original inner state of peace. 

When I experience peace, only then can I give the donation of peace to others. In order to serve others, I must first be able to see beyond the body and experience being a soul, nestled in a cavity of the brain and separate from the body. When I look at others with a vision of the soul – of the true self – then I can serve others. I will not see the defects but see only the virtues. 

To serve myself, I go deeper within and am able to reach the ‘still point’ of the soul. Eternally present, perfect and pure, it is always there, untouched by the imperfect characteristics acquired by living in a less than perfect world.  

This central ‘still point’ has total absence of conflict and negativity. The longer I merge in this experience, the more I am filled and overflow with a deep enriching feeling of spiritual love and power, wisdom and well-being.  

In my inner space I can also maintain a link of communication to the ‘Master Recharging Unit’ and teach my mind to talk to God as I move through my day. When I remember the One above, I will have the feeling that God is helping me. God teaches us how to take and make use of his love. The power to remain peaceful and loving that comes from this love enables us to experience success. This is the medicine for removing sorrow and loneliness. I receive the fruit of my feelings and develop more faith.  

A high quality of life means to look inside, turn your face towards God and say, “I want to be that high quality of human being, so that others in my life can take inspiration to become the same.” 

When you keep courage and receive help from the One up above, things will start to feel easy, all situations in your life will appear to become lighter; they will not increase. You will settle them and experience the stage of lightness, as if you are flying. It is the quality of thoughts that makes us fly!  

There is a great deal of noise in the world. So go within. Sit in silence. The mind is within the soul. Make your mind your friend by creating patterns of thought that give you energy. Then you will remain light, healthy and happy and truly have a Happy New Year 2021, no matter what! 

(Sister Chirya has served at the Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Center in Hunter Mountain, N.Y. For 35 years she practiced and taught BK Raja Yoga meditation internationally and conducted Living Values Education in over 65 schools while based in the Caribbean for 15 years. Sister Chirya studied Education at Cornell University and brings her experience as an educator to various workshops and classes. You can contact her by email to 

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