Share the road – it is corn-chopping time

Share the road - it is corn-chopping timehoto provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension.

As the temperatures cool and the daylight hours diminish, it is time for our Tioga County farmers to harvest their crops. Corn chopping has already begun, and that means you will see an uptick in the presence of slow moving farming equipment on our county roads.  

Remember to share the road with the farmers – they work hard and it is up to us to drive more slowly and carefully during this time. You have a very short amount of time to react to slow moving vehicles when you come up behind them. All slow moving vehicles should have the orange triangle mounted on the rear of their equipment.

So ease off the gas and keep your eyes on the road. Be aware, too, that deer are on the move, especially at dawn and dusk, so watch for deer jumping out in front of you. Where there is one deer, expect others to follow.

Finally, there are about two-dozen Amish farm families in Tioga County who use horse and buggies as well as bicycles to travel. If you see a horse and buggy sign, you are near some of the farms, and please drive with extreme caution. Hilly terrain and blind curves limit the time you can react to buggies on the road.

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