Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Hi all! My adopted mom named me Molly when I came here three years ago but she always called me Baby, so that is what I answer to. Check my picture out, can’t you just see the wheels turning. 

I wake up and she has this thing in her hand and it’s pointed right at me. I didn’t know what to think. Then there was this bright flash of light. What the heck is that all about?   

I don’t really like new things so I’m thinking I’m out of here, but then I was thinking I just found this cool spot in front of the fan and I didn’t really want to give it up, so I ended up staying. You usually don’t have these opportunities around here very often so you need to take advantage.  

You can’t see it in this picture, but I came with a crook in my tail. The end of my tail is bent like maybe somebody shut it in a door or something. I don’t remember it, but none of the other cats have a bent tail so I guess that makes me special. 

I am quite shy around people because I just don’t trust them. So if you should stop by you will probably find me under the bed with that same look on my face. Do I have to run or what? 

There are quite a few of us here, so if you want to help Nancy by sending a donation, that would probably be appreciated. You can send them to Maddie’s Meadows, P.O. Box 445, Owego, N.Y. 13827.

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