Opinion: The president is blowing smoke

Dear Editor,

On July 30, President Trump made a statement that mail in voting would require the mailing of millions of UNIVERSAL ballots. This is either a complete misunderstanding on his part OR a deliberate attempt to frighten people.

He also tweeted that absentee ballots are OK. Does he not understand that they are just mail in ballots?

As to the “universal” comment, with mail in voting each person would receive the same ballot that they would get if they went to their own polling place. It would list their U.S. Senator candidates, their U.S. Representative candidates, and their state and local office candidates. Not universal at all; a specific ballot.

The voter has to sign the ballot envelope with the signature the election board has on file. Representatives of both parties examine it before it is accepted as valid. Can every signature be forged correctly?

As it would be a specific ballot with a correct signature, it would be extremely difficult and costly for any entity to mail out fake ballots or just submit one and get it done correctly.

There are U.S. states that have been using mail in voting for years without any problems. Understand that too.

The president is blowing smoke. Recognize it as the fake news it is.


Richard Ives

Owego, N.Y.

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