Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

So Salem says, “Look Mom we have a new kid. Can he be my friend? I would like to call him Marshall.” I said, “Of course, Salem, I don’t think he will be much trouble.” 

Salem is the only cat in my house that goes back and forth between the first floor and the second floor. The reason for that is that he has discovered that I give out treats for all the cats at night before bed. He goes downstairs when I do to give out the treats so he can get them downstairs, and then again when I give them out upstairs. About 8 p.m. at night he will start ‘talking’ about how we need to get downstairs and give the cats some treats.   

The other cat, named Marshall, lives in the stairwell because he is made out of wood and guards my door. Salem has decided to befriend him. Salem apparently does not require much in the line of feedback from his friends and Marshall will provide just that, no feedback. Because he is, after all, made out of wood.

When I go back upstairs Salem shoots ahead of me to say hi to his friend and to get in position to score on the treats upstairs. This is a unique arrangement, but everyone is happy so who am I to complain?

A shout out to all those who have benefitted from the services that Maddie’s Meadows provides. I have nominated Maddie’s Meadows for the non-profit charitable grant giveaway by Adam Weitsman. In a competition he is generously offering $2,000 to non-profit charities in our communities who have the most public support. 

Over the last nine years I have helped a lot of people and kitties. I was hoping that many of you would support my cat rescue in this non-profit challenge by also nominating Maddie’s Meadows. The more nominations, the better. The nominations can be submitted up until July 21. One nomination a day from each of you. 

If you want to respond to the kindness and efforts on my part helping you with your kitty problems or needs by helping me to potentially win the prize (which I will use to pay vet bills) please do the following. At no cost to you: sign onto ‘’, select ‘nominate’, select ‘Tioga’ County, ‘write in’ Maddie’s Meadows, Owego, N.Y., then write a few sentences on how I helped you with your kitty probles or provided one of my residents as your new best friend. Then hit ‘continue.’

After July 21, 12 finalists will be selected (I hope I will be one) and then you sign on the same way you did before, but this time you select ‘VOTE’ instead of nominate. After a week of voting, one vote per person each day, a winner will be selected. 

If you have any questions, please call me at (607) 768-6575.

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