Opinion: It’s about all of us

Dear Editor,

Owego Little League (LL) has decided to not play this spring / summer, and I agree with the decision.

Having read the requirements and having coached in the league for 32 years I know it would be impossible to meet the requirements. The no touching, social distancing for both players and spectators, the limits on crowd size, and the scheduling impacts make it essentially impossible to enforce.

We also need to realize that this situation and resultant shutdowns are not unique to our league and it affects everyone, not just our LL kids.

All the school kids missed their winter playoffs and spring sports season – at every school. All the school kids, in grades four through 12, missed their spring concerts. The older kids also missed their NYSSMA solos and NYSSMA majors, at every school.

All the seniors missed their prom, at every school. All the seniors are missing their grand all together graduation, at every school. Many groups missed their trips, at every school.

And it goes beyond school.

Most summer events in the whole area have been cancelled – Strawberry Festival, ethnic festivals, county fairs, theater, Rumble Ponies, summer sports leagues, etc.

It’s about all of us, not just the LL kids. Don’t lose sight of that. 

Be safe.


Rich Ives

Owego, N.Y.

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