Opinion: Had I known……….

Dear Editor,

Your senior year in high school is supposed to be the best, especially coming off of a vigorous junior year. It’s the year that any high school student looks forward to, full of exciting activities and major decisions. It’s a year of last times before the beginning of many firsts, a huge milestone in the life of a student. 

Due to the coronavirus, the class of 2020’s senior year has been cut short. If I had known that March 12, 2020 would’ve been the last day I walked the familiar halls of Owego Free Academy, I would have spent it very differently. If I had known the school year would’ve been cut three months short, I can say with certainty I would’ve spent the entire year differently. 

I would’ve gone to more games, more musicals, and art shows that the school was involved in. I wouldn’t have complained so much when my alarm went off at 5:45 a.m. and enjoyed every short drive to the school with my brother a little more. I would’ve appreciated every one of my teachers more, because now that we are stuck to do the work ourselves, it’s harder. I would’ve said hi to people I don’t normally talk to, or not have been so quiet in class. I would’ve enjoyed every class I had with my friends more, too. 

Most importantly, I would’ve lived in the moment more because tomorrow is never promised. This pandemic has drastically changed my perspective on life and how I will choose to live it going forward. It has taught me to not take something as simple as going to school five days a week and having a sense of normalcy for granted. 

When the day comes, I will not take days out of the house without a mask for granted. Not too long ago my aunt was diagnosed with coronavirus and spent days in the hospital because of it. Not only have I taken my own good health for granted, but the good health of loved ones as well. The virus has taught me to never take the ability to make new memories with the people I love for granted again. 

The coronavirus has turned the world, as we know it, upside down, leaving fear and paranoia in its wake. However I believe there is always a bright side within darkness, the bright side being all of the lessons I learned that I can now take with me into my future. 


Hannah Peake 

Owego Free Academy

Senior Class of 2020

(Note from the Editor: Hannah Peake is a senior in Chris Evans’ Creative Writing Class at Owego Free Academy.)

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