Phase 2 open for business; says Chairwoman Sauerbrey

Chairwoman Martha Sauerbrey made the following statement today in regards to Phase 2 opening for the Southern Tier Region, offers further guidance:

Today in the Governor’s daily Press Conference he officially announced that Phase 2 has opened for the Southern Tier Region of New York. As an elected official I can tell you that this is great news for Tioga County, the Southern Tier and all of the businesses that are affected by this announcement.” 

The process of re-opening is frustrating at the very least, and we are at the mercy of the Governor on how and when he wants to release information. Thank you to all the businesses in Tioga County for your patience as we have gone through this process. 

As we move forward to Phase 3 we will operate with caution as we look to open restaurants and other businesses and not assume that just because our numbers are good we will automatically open. The Governor is in charge, he makes the decisions and that is how it works. 

I can assure you that we are fighting to keep everyone safe and we are fighting to open our businesses as soon as it is safe and legal to do so. 

Additional guidance for Phase II industries has been posted at, including: 


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