Letter: Best years of my life

Dear Editor, 

I never thought the “best years of my life” would be ripped away so soon. I spent 12 years in school and finally got to be a senior. I finally got to experience the things I’ve waited so long for. Sitting at the senior benches, sitting in the senior section at the pep rally, leaving for lunch. 

But now, the most important senior traditions such as prom, senior skip day, class trip, senior prank, and so much more have been ripped away. I am now relying on graduation to see everyone I grew up with for the last time before we all go off into the world. 

I’ll never have that last day of school where I get to cry with all my friends as we leave the place where we made endless memories and as we drive out of the senior lot for the last time. 

I’ll never get to walk the halls of OFA and hear Mr. Swider tell me it’s the “best day of [his] life so far.” or hear Mr. Atkins whistle at me to stop eating in the lobby. I’ll never hear Mr. Westcott say, “Hi Hannah Cronk,” and I’ll never get to skip study hall with Abby Brown to go help Mrs. Chandler in the main office. 

A part of me is mad at the world. Mad at everyone and everything that made this happen. But I know this is all bigger than just my senior year ending. The entire world is in lockdown. There are people who are dying and people who are losing their loved ones. The world is bigger than us seniors, and I know the hurt I’m feeling from this will eventually go away. 

Right now, I am thankful for what I do have and that my family is healthy and safe. I am thankful for my friends and family that are helping me get through this and all the support from our community. 

I will definitely never forget my senior year that was spent in quarantine. 


Hannah Cronk

Owego Free Academy

Senior Class of 2020

(Note from the Editor: Hannah Cronk is a senior in Chris Evans’ Creative Writing Class at Owego Free Academy.)

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