Opinion: While we wait

Dear Editor,

It’s a start. The news coming out of New York City describes a dysfunctional Mayor and Council, who manage the business and welfare of residents in tandem with Governor Cuomo, who are both constantly at odds with planning, cost and execution to meet the devastation in the city due to COVID-19. 

With mixed messages of stops and starts, changes in direction and political posturing, there may never be any true hope of a total recovery and / or containment there.   

While we who live Upstate have been waiting for Cuomo to come on board to realize his one-size-fits all policies for the entire state under the metrics of containment for New York City, now considered by statistic definitions the epicenter of the world, is unattainable and futile to a full recovery in any realistic timeframe.  

Our State Senator, Fred Akshar, has been instrumental in bringing that pressure to bear for those counties in his district. Many of the other counties in Upstate New York are also realizing that they can take Home Rule and direct their own recovery using guidelines coming out of State Health Committees and push it along faster than waiting for Albany and New York City to get their act together.


Florence Alpert

Candor, N.Y.

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