Letter: Coronavirus stopped the world

Dear Editor, 

The coronavirus has made things go from bad to worse. Recently, Governor Cuomo said that all New York schools would be closed for the remainder of the year. 

When I heard this news I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking about all the people in my grade, and the fact that I won’t see many of them again isn’t sitting well with me. 

I was in Concert Band, Jazz Band and MTB (Making the Band) and I won’t get another rehearsal with any of those groups again. I was on the baseball team, and with school being closed I’m missing out on my senior season with everyone on that team. 

It’s not just the big moments like prom and graduation that we’re missing, but all the small ones everyday that we’re missing as a class. The Class of 2020 has been left with many things unsaid and many things unknown. 

The coronavirus is one of those diseases that will stop the world, and it did just that. The GDP is going down more than the Great Recession and it’s going to keep decreasing. 

The virus is going to kill our economy because everything is or was on lockdown and many businesses and companies remain closed. I really see it affecting our area and so many small businesses. If everything remains closed, our country’s economy will die and it will be hard to recover from this. 

As the weather gets nicer, it’s going to be harder for people to follow these stay at home orders. People are going to want to be outside enjoying the warm weather. In our area it is easier to be outside to do things and still social distance, but in bigger cities it is much harder. 

I have read that sunshine kills the virus so I hope the weather gets warmer, and that may be the case. 

I hope that we continue on the downward slope of the disease and hope my classmates and I have a celebration for everything we accomplished. I also hope that people stay healthy and our economy in this area is able to bounce back 


Kyle Koprevich 

Owego Free Academy

Class of 2020

(Note from the Editor: Kyle Koprevich is a senior in Chris Evans’ Creative Writing Class at Owego Free Academy.)

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