Opinion: Those who exploit the pandemic will be held accountable

Dear Editor,

As law enforcement, our mission is to protect the citizens in the community. During this situation that has evolved, our job as law enforcement is to ensure the public that the department’s function and operate effectively. 

We will hold criminals accountable for their actions. Anyone who attempts to benefit, exploit on the Coronavirus pandemic will be held accountable. So, I am asking all citizens to be aware of any criminal activity and report it, if you see something say something. 

Help protect your fellow neighbors, don’t let anyone that you don’t know inside your home. If someone you don’t know comes to your door, tell them to leave and if they don’t, contact the proper authority. No one will come to your door to test you for the virus at hand; if this happens contact your local law enforcement.

Also, be aware of phone scams and do not give out any personal information. Be vigilant to your surroundings and keep your doors locked to your homes and vehicles, which will deter criminal activity. 

Please heed to the government’s restrictions and warnings regarding COVID-19. Please understand the severity of this outbreak and the sooner we do, the faster we will beat this and citizens will be back to work and the communities will be back to normal. 


Chief Michael Monteiro

Spencer Police Department 

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