Opinion: Our stable genius

Dear Editor,

I have not been writing into this column for a few weeks. I still find this divisive writing amusing.

For one I get a kick out of the people that are accusing Democrats of wishing the economy tanks and hoping the Coronavirus gets worse. 

For you I have only one comment, it will get you as well as any Democrats so quit following your dear leader and their talking points. How absurd people are. 

The next comment is for the person that thinks Trump has finally tackled the war in Afghanistan. In the first three days after he touted the deal signing, the Taliban attacked that many times. Besides, tell that to the 6,000 odd troops being left there. 

Yeah right, Go Trump.

Now our stable genius, watching America die as he fiddles and fuddles, has shown his true colors. Regardless of the status of the pandemic in the country he wants to save his economy by sending people back to the work they left because of the economy. 

It must be those birds he flocks together with because if people die, who is going to shore up the economy. The economy can be fixed, dead people cannot. 

So to you that write every week about how great your dear leader is, I hope you do not contract the virus. In fact I hope no one does. 

Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.


Lawrence Alger

Berkshire, N.Y.

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