Tioga Downs is open for business, but restricted in capacity

Tioga Downs is open for business, but restricted in capacity(File Photo / Wendy Post)

On Friday, the gaming commission responded to Governor Cuomo’s direction to postpone or cancel gatherings with 500 or more participants. In a letter from the commission’s executive director, Robert Williams, to Tioga Downs Casino and Resort, attendance limitations are required at gaming establishments.

In the letter, Williams wrote, “The purpose of this limitation is to permit a voluntary social distancing between your patrons to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 respiratory virus.”

Imposed, the facility is being directed to limit congregation of patrons, and recommended they accomplish this by disabling consecutively placed machines, which will functionally enable space between patrons; and limiting the number of patrons at any given table game or ETGs, to provide at least one empty chair or gaming position between patrons. 

In the letter, Williams further wrote, “Attendance at the gaming portion of your facility is required to be limited to 500 or less patrons at any given time, or to the level of machines that have remained activated, whichever is less. However, the Commission will consider requests by facilities to exceed the 500-patron limit when they demonstrate an ability to segment their facility into unique gathering areas wherein capacity and access can be controlled, and patron social distancing can be maintained.”

In an email from a spokesperson for Tioga Downs, they stated that Tioga Downs Casino Resort is open for business; however, and in compliance with the governor’s guidelines, they will be putting the restrictions into place immediately.

The Tioga Downs representative stated that further information regarding the protocols would be released when available.

To learn more, visit www.gaming.ny.gov. For updates at the casino, visit www.tiogadowns.com

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