Paw Prints

Question: My cat, Mangus, is shedding a lot more than I remember. Should I be worried? 

Answer: Welcome to my world! I live with FIVE cats, so these days I’m a veterinarian by day and vacuumer extraordinaire by night. Mangus is going through his normal shedding cycle and starting to lose his thick winter coat. Animals lightly shed during the whole year but will undergo a full change of coat in the spring and autumn. These changes coincide with sunlight availability and sometimes hormones. You can help Mangus (and your home) by brushing him daily to prevent matted coats and piles of hairball vomit. Happy brushing! 

Question: Do I need to use tick product on my dog even if I get the Lyme shot? 

YES! YES! YES! Tioga County is infested with ticks, and Lyme disease cases are increasing! We diagnose devastating Lyme disease all day long. Our only beacon of hope is that this disease is 100 percent preventable, if we stay vigilant. I always tell all my owners, despite getting the Lyme vaccination yearly, you need to keep up with flea and tick protection all year long (thank you 45 degree winter days). Always do a once over after your pup has been outside and ask your vet to check for Lyme disease at your annual vet visit. 

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Dr. Marina Shepelev is an associate veterinarian practicing medicine at the Endless Mountain Owego Vet Center. She welcomes weekly questions concerning your furry friends.

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