Planet-Friendly Potluck Lunch taking place at FPUC

The public is invited to a Planet-friendly Potluck Lunch on Saturday, Feb. 24, at noon in the Fellowship Hall of the First Presbyterian Union Church, located at the corner of North Avenue and Temple Street in Owego.

Join them for a delicious vegetarian meal. Guests can bring their favorite vegetarian dish, bread, fruits, nuts, pizza, or a store-bought salad or dessert if you don’t want to prepare food. All are invited with or without food. 

After lunch they will watch “Reducing cancer risk through nutrition”, a 30-minute program from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

More than 18 million people around the world are diagnosed with cancer each year, and research suggests that nearly 25% of these cases could be prevented with better nutrition.

This panel discussion will explore the connection between diet and cancer, and will offer science-based tips for reducing risk as well as practical suggestions for selecting and preparing food for healthy meals. 

Panel members include Dr. Edward Giovannucci (Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology), Dr. Timothy Rebbeck (Vincent L. Gregory, Jr. Professor of Cancer Prevention), Eliza Leone (Registered Dietitian and Wellness Manager at Restaurant Associates, Harvard Medical School), and Moderator Gabrielle Emanuel (Senior Health and Science Reporter, WBUR).

For more information, contact Pastor Bruce Gillette by calling (607) 744-0761.

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