Letter: What is the National Media doing for our country?

Dear Editor,

The national media has been in step with our Democrat / Globalist party for a long time, blinding us from what is really taking place in this country. We are watching the well-planned attempt to take over our country, which is on the fast track now. The goal is one political party with full control.

The national media is hiding this agenda from us very aggressively. At this point many of us take for granted that the national media is reputable and serving us accurately.

Truth is, today they are owned by a small number of elites with scriptwriters that make sure their articles and TV presenters are all in sync. When someone gets too far out of step they are let go (i.e. Tucker Carlson). Many more conservative reporters stay within certain boundaries so they don’t end up like Tucker. 

Historically we depended on the media to guide us with non-bias information that we could trust and use to make sound decisions. Today the national media is used to shift our thinking the way they want us to think. We are well on our way to government-controlled news. 

It is our responsibility to ourselves, our grandchildren and country to look beyond the convenient fake news. There are many resources of reliable news, but it takes research to find it and sort it out from the junk. Our technology today offers both, and it is up to us to research it and use the reputable offerings. 

The 2024 election is life or death for our country, so our voters being accurately informed is critical. The Globalist force knows this very well and they will throw more money and manipulation at this election than ever before. They haven’t worked decades to get it to this point to let it go. Why do you think they have used every tool in their wildest imagination to take Trump down?



Bruce Beckert

South New Berlin, N.Y.

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