Steam Powered Pipe Organ at the Forum Theater

Well, not really. However, the Binghamton Theater Organ Society, on Sunday, Feb. 4 at 2 p.m. in the Forum Theater in Binghamton, will present an exemplary spectacle and demonstration of STEAM education at work.

S is for Science – in 1869 the joining of the transcontinental railroad involved some of the foremost science and engineering minds of the time.

T is for Technology – the Majestic Morton Theater Organ at the Forum Theater is a wonder of hybrid technology: pneumatic, electric, and electronic.

E is for Engineering – without a doubt the locomotives depicted in the motion picture, as well as the tracks built for them to roll on, involved some of the most advanced engineering of the times.

A is for Arts – Director John Ford was only 30 years old in 1924 when he directed the film “The Iron Horse” for William Fox. Ford is famous for the “Grapes of Math” and “The Quiet Man”. You will be seeing one of his finest silent movies. From the colorful posters of the time, to the creation of sets and costumes, to the ultimate, the direction of the film itself, you will be immersed in Art.

M is for Mathematics – or could that be music – some say they are similar. I’m sure that must be true for our guest organist, Dennis James, who, over an extended period of time, created the score with which he will be accompanying “The Iron Horse”. The written score existed, but Maestro James had to arrange it for two hands and two feet. Truly James will, that afternoon, control and cajole all of these elements into a memorable presentation.

But the real point is, through special arrangement with the Early Owego Antique Center, students, usually $5, will be admitted free of charge with any Student ID. Professors, teachers, parents and grandparents are asked to share awareness of this offer with students and interested adults.

The Forum’s Magnificent Morton Theater Organ, while currently operating well, requires a regular dose of everything STEAM stands for. If younger people do not become interested in this marvelous instrument, it will go silent, perhaps never to sound again.

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