Tioga County declares a new State Of Emergency prohibiting use of NYC housing vouchers within Tioga County

On Wednesday, the Legislative Chair, Martha Sauerbrey, signed a new State of Emergency with the full support of the Tioga County Legislature in regard to prohibiting the use of New York City housing vouchers within Tioga County. This order is a result of the Mayor of New York proposing a plan to relocate the homeless utilizing City FHEPS housing-assistance vouchers to upstate locations where rents and leases are cheaper.

In a press release, it stated, “Tioga County already has limited housing availability, plus the Legislature has concerns about tracking individuals that are participating in this program. The safety and welfare of our residents is our utmost concern to this Legislature and therefore do not support the actions of the City of New York.”

The orders relative to the State of Emergency state clearly that no person, business, current county vendor or other entity within the County of Tioga shall accept or agree to accept, by lease agreement or otherwise, a New York City Fighting Homelessness and Eviction Prevention Supplement (FHEPS) voucher or Special One Time Assistance (SOTA) rental voucher or other voucher from the City of New York directly or through a broker or intermediary without first applying for and obtaining the authorization of the County Legislature through its Legislative Chair or the Chair’s designee.

The order continued that such authorization should only be given after the determination that such agreement would not otherwise jeopardize the health, safety and/or welfare of Tioga County and its residents.

In addition, the original Emergency Order that was signed in May has been extended once more and effective until Nov. 17, 2023.

For more information regarding the new State of Emergency and the Emergency Orders, you can find them posted on the Tioga County Website at www.tiogacountyny.com/. You can also view them below.


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