Citizen of the Year Award signified with tree plantings

Citizen of the Year Award signified with tree plantingsJoe Morrison, pictured here with family, was recently honored for his community participation and accomplishments by the Candor Community Services, and during a tree planting ceremony at Candor’s Hull Park. (Photo by Carol A. Henry)

Candor Community Services held a tree planting ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 21, in honor of two men who received the 2023 Citizen of the Year Award back in March. Both Dick Zavatto and Joe Morrison have been, and continue to be active in the Candor community. Both men can be seen around town in various locations, either together or separately, in their service roles in various organizations and in their visits to local diners.

As Melvin Foster, current President of Candor Community Services, puts it, “Joe has volunteered for many years with the Candor Resource Center (Food Pantry) and has been on the Candor Free Library Board of Trustees for a decade. He is also a past Village of Candor Trustee and member of the Friends of the Candor Free Library. Joe had an unusual side hobby for 20 years, writing word puzzles for a periodical in Maine.”

Citizen of the Year Award signified with tree plantings

Dick Zavatto stands next to the Sugar Maple that was planted in his honor for his many community involvements by Candor Community Services. The tree was planted at the Candor Veterans Memorial, where he played a key role in its existence at Maple Grove Cemetery. (Photo by Carol A. Henry)

When it comes to Zavatto’s participation in the community, Foster says, “Dick Zavatto played a key role in bringing the Candor Veterans Memorial to Maple Grove Cemetery. This monument has become a gathering place for ceremonies and for honoring local veterans. He has also been involved in other ways with the Candor Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Candor Historical Society, Friends of the Candor Free Library, and the Candor Daffodil Festival. Dick also promotes many organizations and businesses on social media as an admin, including creating and growing several Facebook pages.”

To honor the two gentlemen, Morrisons’ tree planting, a White Dogwood (Cherokee Princess), took place at Hull Park, while Zavatto’s tree planting of a Sugar Maple (Green Mountain), took place at Maple Grove Cemetery near the Candor Veterans Memorial, which he played a key role, as mentioned above, including the developing vision, funding, collaboration among various community groups, and the dedication of the monument.

In both instances, members of the organization, family, and friends surrounded the honorees. The tree planting was arranged and conducted by local resident Roy Yarrington, who assisted with the plantings. He has arranged many tree plantings in memory of or to honor numerous Candor citizens over the years.

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