Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsPictured is Snuggles. Provided photo.

You are probably wondering why I am named Snuggles. Well, you see, my two brothers, Friskie and Midnite, and me were born in the early spring of this year behind Sister Mary O’Brien’s in Owego. She has been caring for us our entire life. She named the three of us by our personalities.

Friskie has always been a little more skittish and I have been the one looking to snuggle with people. Midnite is black, so you know how he got his name.

Sister Mary does not want us to live outside during the winter, so she had Gail come and get the three of us and bring us to her house. I will be neutered on Friday, Oct. 27, and get my shots and dewormer. I will be available for adoption right after I come home that day. 

I can be adopted alone or with Friskie, if you want two of us. He is getting done in early November. You will see his picture soon. Midnite got adopted last week, so it’s just the two of us now.

If you want to bring either of us home to spend the holidays with you, ask for us by name. Gail can be reached at (607) 689-3033. She takes donations at Up the Creek Consignment and the Bottle Redemption Center.

Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Halloween!

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