The Old Coot adds a new wrinkle to intelligence measurements

There is a new IQ test out there, waiting for acceptance. It adds a “wisdom” factor to the “intelligence” quotient. Wisdom is overlooked in a number driven society. You can assign a number to a person’s intelligence quotient, but not their wisdom. Until now!

I’m proposing a foolproof way to measure it, something as plain as the wrinkles on your face. In fact, those wrinkles are a sign of wisdom in a life well lived. I call it the wrinkle test.

Check our faces. The more wrinkles we have, the more wisdom we possess. Add a limp and white hair, or a bald head, and you have even more evidence of a high wisdom quotient.

It’s not 100% accurate, but pretty close as long as you check the “Wrinkler’s” appearance. Is their shirt buttoned in the correct buttonholes? Do their shoes match? Are their socks on both feet? That sort of thing.

It’s what the corporate workspace needs. More seniors! Age diversity! To go along with all the other diversities sought after these days. It will inject additional wisdom into corporate operations.

Old guys and gals can help companies avoid impulse driven decisions. The “Wrinklers” (my term; you won’t find it in the dictionary) will know when it won’t work, and why. And, just as important, they will know how to reset the plan for a successful outcome. 

It sure would help restrain the inclination to fix things that aren’t broken. It’s something companies constantly do. They mess up the Apps and computer programs I use, all too often. I liked things the way they were, and hate being forced to relearn something I’ve mastered.

“New and improved” is often just the opposite.

It wouldn’t happen if they had some Wrinklers in on the product testing who could point out mistakes the design team is unknowingly making. Those so-called high IQ corporate people have no idea how real-world customers are affected.

When Coke’s executive staff came up with the bright idea to change their cola formula to make a “New Coke” they almost went out of business. Their customers revolted.

It never would have happened if they had some Wrinklers on board. 

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