Letter: Once an Indian ……..

Dear Editor,

I see that the School Board has officially changed the Owego Mascot from the treasured Indians to the River Hawks. I think this new two-word mascot must offend Lakes, Creeks and Reservoirs, as well as Robins, Eagles, Sparrows, and other names not chosen.

According to the results of the School’s minimum effort to get feedback, a total of 596 people responded to their online survey (which many people didn’t know about) with 244 voting to change the name or 40%. No public forum was ever held on the subject, even though 60% did not favor changing the mascot.

How ironic this was announced the same month that School Taxes are due. Equally ironic is the decision was made by the student advisory committee that does not pay taxes, and has no history or tradition of being an Owego Indian as many of us do.

I suggest two things. Make out your School taxes to “OACSD Spineless Jellyfish”. The second is “We Should All” continue to showcase Owego Indian hats, t-shirts, flags, and other items with the Indian Mascot to ALL School and Sports functions. I hope the local printer shops make a fortune selling Owego Indian products to all of us against the mascot change.

As others have written, “Once an Indian, always an Indian.” It was with Pride, Honor, and Respect we represented Owego with the Indian mascot, and as far as I am concerned will continue to do so.


Rance Brode

Owego, N.Y.

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