Letter: Migrants and education; who pays?

Dear Editor,

Under Governor Hochul’s newest order from Albany is a letter directed to school districts making clear that migrant students are entitled to an education under both federal and state law, and that all New York State schools are required to immediately enroll migrant children and those living in temporary housing or who are unhoused, regardless of whether the student can provide residency, immunization, or school records.

The issue here is that the state refers to the children as migrants. They are not. They are illegal immigrants as are the parents who brought them. The issue of the edict is in direct opposition of the requirements directed to all New York State Boards of Education and Administrators inclusive of requirements by and directed to legal residents issued by the Department Of Education and the Health department, which require to be filed prior to enrollment or within 30 days. These include documentation of residency and verified medical reviews and vaccinations. 

The current order from Governor Hochul is wrong and an insult to those who follow the rules without exceptions. The Democrat elected, who currently hold the majority in New York State, are establishing a two-tier system of compliance. A compliance that passes the burden onto local taxpayers for paying for the policies that have been incorporated as Open Door illegal immigration policies for their county and / or communities.  

Thankfully our local Tioga County legislature has taken steps to hold harmless our county from participating in these policies with the continuing declaration of an approved state authorized ability to declare a ‘State of Emergency Order’ directed towards keeping our county a non-county for accepting the relocation of illegal immigrants, which are being initiated by other New York State legislative bodies that are now facing a financial crisis.


Florence Alpert

Candor, N.Y.

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  1. Yes this is true make them legally here before they get our money from US

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