Letter: Bondservants of the CCP

Dear Editor,

The Chinese Government has been at war with us for many years, but everybody has their eyes closed. We now have a president who I believe is a foreign agent of the CCP. That explains why the hot air balloon was able to travel over our military bases and gain intelligence without any intervention. 

The Chinese Government realized that they couldn’t beat the U.S. in conventional warfare after watching how we did during the Iraq war. They started a several-pronged attack to weaken us. Many of our nation’s leaders are on the take or are completely ignorant. 

Consider the following. A new report from Parents defending Education, a grassroots organization focused on education, says that over time China has reached into 143 school districts in 34 states and the District of Columbia through its Confucius Classroom Program, giving almost 18 Million dollars since 2009. Of those schools, the report said the “CCP has had ties to school districts near 20 military bases.”

The Chinese state media has touted the work done by Confucius Institutes and classrooms to further the Chinese Communists Party’s global influence. 

Another attack has been the production of Fentanyl. The drug is made up of over 99 percent of material produced in China. It is the largest killer of individuals from the ages of 18-54. We can thank the Democratic Party for their weak border policies for greatly enhancing this problem. 

Hollywood is bowing to the Chinese Communist Party by editing our movies. Movies like Star Wars, Top Gun, and a host of others have bowed to the CCP. 

There have also been large cyber attacks backed by the CCP on the World Bank, Political offices, and even Lockheed Martin’s F-35 program. 

There have been over 180 arrests of Chinese Communist spies since the early 2000s. Now we are learning that our Government has secretly consulted with the CCP about energy policies. 

If that’s not enough we are finding out that China is buying up vast amounts of resources all over the globe. Well over 50% of materials used to produce Lithium batteries is produced by China. The push for green energy is not altruistic at all. We are slowly enslaving ourselves. 

We can’t afford to elect Joe Biden or any of his cronies anymore. They are bondservants of the CCP. 


Jim Outman

Owego, N.Y.

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