Letter: Just a matter of time…….

Dear Editor,

The NTSA just released a new study showing that car-pedestrian accidents are up in the U.S. Speeding and distracted driving causes many of the accidents, according to the NTSA. 

State Route 434 in the Village of Owego has a 40 mph limit entering and leaving the Village. It also has an increasing number of pedestrians, bicyclists and joggers due to the new rental housing just completed there. The shoulders are very narrow as well. 

Unfortunately, the 40 mph speed limit is NOT enforced by the Village Police, the Tioga County Sheriff’s office or the State Police so drivers routinely ignore it, going up to around 70, especially leaving the Village. There are also a number of driveways there, some of which have limited vision distance.

These factors have led to a number of motor vehicle accidents in the past, as well as near misses from cars passing others over double solid lines while turning into their driveways. Other residents and visitors barely avoid getting T-boned by a speeder when pulling out.

We have not yet had a pedestrian or bicycle accident, but it’s only a matter of time, given the speed and attitude of many of these drivers, as well as the lack of enforcement of the speed limit. 


William O’Connell

Owego, N.Y.

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