Dear Editor,

On Friday evening, June 16, the Sayre Theatre hosted the premiere showing, “FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED” in cooperation with the Winners Circle Project. The film featured Waverly and Candor students and teachers, as well as administrators who accepted the challenge of having their students build a racecar and compete with them at Watkins Glen.

The documentary film fully illustrated what committed students in committed schools can do in spite of COVID. More important than the completed production of the car with full cooperation from Factory Five was what students learned about each other and the communities in which they reside.

The friendships formed, the challenges overcome, and the partnerships developed during the yearlong task should make one proud of these Tioga County School Districts.

As a Waverly taxpayer I fully support the efforts of all, in particular New York State’s School Superintendent of the Year, Eric Knolles.

Most respectfully,

Marty Borko
Waverly, N.Y.

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