Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsPictured is Sabrina. Provided photo.

Hi there! This is my rather sad story. I was pregnant very young and my family didn’t want me to have babies in their house, so they put me outside. It was wintertime and I was cold. A neighbor felt sorry for me, so she brought me into her basement to have my babies. A couple days later the five of them were born. It was too early, and they all died.

The lady couldn’t keep me because she had five kitties already, so she called everyone in Broome County to see if I could go there. Everybody was full. She heard of Gail in Owego and called her.

Gail grew up in Binghamton on the same street I was found on, so she said she would come get me. I was scared and sad that I lost my babies, but Gail gave me a lot of attention.

The other lady named me Sabrina, and I know my name now. Gail got me to the doctor and I received all of my shots and was spayed. I feel better now. I am very friendly and like to be pet.

Please give a cat like me a chance to have a family. I lost mine. Can I be part of yours?

Call Gail at (607) 689-3033 to adopt me. To help with vet costs you can donate your bottles and cans at the Redemption Center in Owego, and under Gail’s name. 

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