Gail’s Tails

Gail’s TailsLuke. Provided photo.

If you have a box of tissues go get them now because my story is sad. I’ll wait. So I lived in a house with my human named Frank, my Daddy, and a sister they call a dog. So we all lived together keeping each other company.

Then one day Daddy said my sister left and went to Heaven. I waited and waited but she never came home. I was so sad. She was my best friend and I missed her a lot.

Then after Christmas my Daddy went away and again, and I waited but he didn’t come home. I kept his spot on the bed warm so when he came back it would be ready for him, but he didn’t come back.

Daddy’s daughter, who I remember from a long time ago, came to the house to feed me. She said if she wasn’t allergic to cats that she would stay and keep me company, but couldn’t.

I went to the door waiting for Daddy to come in, too. She told me to get away from the door and that Daddy is not coming, he went to Heaven too. I tried to tell her to take me to them by rubbing on her leg. She told me to stop and go eat my food.

I want to go be with them, but no one will take me. I don’t know why. After three weeks went by she said she found a place for me to go. I was so excited.

I thought I was going to see Daddy and sister, but another lady named Gail took me to her house. I was so happy to see her; I rubbed my head on her arm. She held me and petted me. I miss that so much.

Gail asked my name, but no one knew it so she calls me Luke. I went to see the doctor and get my shots. I was a good boy and they said I was fixed already. I had my blood tested for diseases and don’t have any. They gave me stuff to keep the fleas away.

Well that’s my story and I hope you can find room in your house to give me a new family until I can go see Daddy and my sister. Call Gail at (607) 689-3033 and tell her you want me, Luke.

Donations for Luke and others can be made by check to Gail Ghinger, P.O. Box 435, Owego, N.Y. 13827.

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