Tioga County Ranks 23rd in County Health Rankings Report for 2023 

Tioga County has ranked 23rd out of 62 counties in New York State for Health Outcomes. Every year, Tioga County Public Health utilizes the County Health Rankings to gauge where our community’s health is in comparison with the rest of New York State.

This data gives us a way to compare health factors and outcomes to data from previous years to see areas we are excelling in, and more importantly, areas where improvement efforts are needed.  

Some of Tioga County’s most notable improvements in this year’s rankings reports include: 

• A decrease in the percentage of adults who smoked (17%) from the 20% reported in the 2022 County Health Rankings.  

• Improvements in the overall physical health of Tioga County residents: 22% of adults reported that they were physically inactive, compared to 27% the year prior, and 57% reportedly had access to exercise opportunities, which was an increase from 49% in 2022.  

• Rates of sexually transmitted infections decreased to 197.1 from the to 257.2 reported in the 2022 Rankings. 

• Unemployment rates decreased from 7.8% to 4.4%. 

While Tioga County saw several improvements to our community’s health over the last year, some areas that can be improved include:  

• Increase Cancer Screening Rates: Only 40% of women had their annual mammography screening; this was the lowest percentage seen in the last five years. While Tioga County lacks specialty providers, we are fortunate that our residents have convenient access to the Lourdes Mobile Mammography Van. 

• Decrease Drug Overdose Mortality Rates: A rate of 15 deaths per 100,000 was reported in the County Health Rankings. Due to the increased availability of Narcan in Tioga County through several agencies and through Public Access Narcan Boxes, we hope to see this number decrease in the coming years.  

• Improve Mental Health in Tioga County: Although Tioga County has seen an improvement in the ratio of Mental Health Providers in the county, Tioga County residents still reported 4.7 mentally unhealthy days in the last 30 days and 15% were frequently mentally distressed. Reducing the stigma behind mental health disorders and educating the community about services available to them through Tioga County Mental Hygiene’s Open Access are two ways in which we can help improve mental health in Tioga County.  

Through the work we do at Tioga County Public Health and through our ongoing partnerships with many different agencies and coalitions, we hope to continue working together to improve the overall health of Tioga County!

For more information about the County Health Rankings, and to compare Tioga County to other counties in New York State, visit www.countyhealthrankings.org/.

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