The Old Coot will reply in 10 seconds? I hope!

There is a good thing going on in society; more and more old coots are communicating with text messages. It delays their interaction, like the 10-second delay built into live TV. It provides an opportunity to block inappropriate remarks.

As texters, they have time to think before they press the send key, even though many text messages are littered with inappropriate auto-corrections that go unnoticed. Still, there is an opportunity to avoid insulting remarks (and fix those unwanted auto-corrections). I’m not saying they take the time to do it. It’s one of those “lead a horse to water” things. 

It’s a better world because of the smartphone. But, it doesn’t impede an old coot like me who, in person, blurts out whatever comes to mind.

“Hey knucklehead, where’s the syrup for my pancakes?” or, “Are you really going to the prom with that big zit on your nose?”

Oh, yes, my crowd needs a ten second delay when we open our mouths. We need a mask with a filter. Maybe we should be required to text, even when interacting in person. We’re so inept with those tiny keyboards; it would provide plenty of time to mull over what we’re about to blurt out. Our responses might become a little less thoughtless.

Our mother’s tried to teach us to think before we spoke; our teachers did the same. And it worked for most of us, until we became old coots. Then, the training and discipline disappeared. 

Mandatory texting for old coots would be a great boon for our wives, too. They would be relieved of the embarrassment of standing by our side when we say to a perfect stranger, something like, “Hey lady, how do you get into a car with that big hat on your head?”

It would keep down the senior divorce rate.

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