Scott Smith & Son marks 100 years

Scott Smith & Son marks 100 yearsScott Smith & Son, located in Owego, N.Y., is celebrating 100 years.  One of their most recent purchases, a delivery truck built by Bick & Heintz of Utica, N.Y., came from another long-time family-run business since 1921.  Pictured is Vincenza Bick from Bick & Heintz, and Scott Smith & Son’s Vice President, Brandon Smith. Provided photo.

Scott Smith & Son, with main offices located at 8 Delphine St. in Owego, N.Y., has made local history. The family-owned company is celebrating 100 years in Tioga County.

Brandon Smith, vice president of the company, and the 4th generation, remarked, “We are thankful, and we couldn’t have gotten here without our customers and team members.”

Dean Smith, president of the company and 3rd generation, agrees.

Scott Smith & Son marks 100 years

Pictured is a Scott Smith & Son propane truck. The family-run company is celebrating 100 years in 2023. Provided photo.

Started in 1923 by R. Scott Smith, and with the purchase of a small oil truck, both Brandon and Dean reflected on the company’s loyal customer base and dedicated staff and experienced technicians. All of those efforts combined have sustained Scott Smith & Son’s family-oriented philosophy and positive identity.

Scott, Smith & Son offers residential heating fuel and propane delivery, agricultural and commercial fuels, heating and cooling services, maintenance and installation services, 24/7 emergency services, retail gasoline and diesel fuel, fuel cards, and more. 

Scott Smith & Son marks 100 years

Pictured are Brandon Smith and his brother Patrick at the Delphine Street offices of Scott Smith & Son; both grew up learning the business. Brandon is now Vice President of the company, and Patrick is owner of his own business, The Carsmith. Provided photo.

Brandon, following in the family footsteps, knew he wanted to be part of the business as early as middle school. Father and son reminisced about how Brandon joined in on deliveries as soon as he was old enough. 

Brandon chuckled, “When school was canceled due to snow, there was no staying home or playing outside, it was a day of work and deliveries.”

For Dean, and an example of the company’s early dedication to their customers, he recalled one experience as a youth when he delivered fuel by snowmobile, and where he secured four to five gallon cans on the back of the sled.

Thinking back to the initial COVID impact in 2020, Brandon shared that Scott Smith & Son couldn’t stop because their customers relied on them, and quickly worked out solutions to keep the warm comfort going.

Scott Smith & Son marks 100 years

Pictured is a 2003 photo of Brandon and Dean Smith at the company offices, and co-workers today as Vice President and President. Provided photo.

Whatever it takes to get the job done has always been a philosophy at the company. For instance, when a blizzard hit just before Christmas one year it was all hands on deck. Father, son and mother all pitched in as three sets of extra hands for delivery drivers working in atypical conditions.   

Taking a step back in time to the company’s beginnings, the very early days consisted of selling fuel in five gallon pails, and those taken off the truck by spigot and sold to customers for filling lamps and other heaters. Overall, business endeavors have since stayed close to home, and kept within their Tioga County roots.

The Scott Smith & Son name was born shortly after Scott A. Smith, Brandon’s grandfather, returned from W.W.II and joined the business in 1946 as a partner with R. Scott.

Scott Smith & Son marks 100 years

Scott Smith & Son replaced fuel tanks in 2022. The second half of the project is scheduled for this year. Provided photo.

In 1955 Scott A. purchased his father’s share of the business and continued the tradition with his wife, Betty. In 1972 Scott S. joined the business, followed by Dean in 1979.  

In between that time period the Fred Crown Oil Company and Howard Davis Oil Company were acquired. Three gas station properties were purchased in 1986, and then the following year storage facilities were installed and a new warehouse and office facilities were constructed.

In the late 1980’s the company purchased G. L. Root Oil and 2 West Main St. in Owego, a convenience store. The company went on to purchase AJ’s Convenience Store in Berkshire in 1991, and by 1995 purchased land and constructed another convenience store located at 1235 Campville Rd. in Endicott. In 1995 the company entered the propane business.  

Scott Smith & Son marks 100 years

Pictured is one of Scott Smith & Son’s delivery trucks from the 1960’s. Provided photo.

Going forward, Brandon remarked that the company would continue to remain on top of service demand and pricing fluctuations, as well as with advancements in technology and equipment upgrades.

Currently the company is replacing fuel tanks that were originally installed in 1986, and since the manufacturer’s warranty is ending. The first part of that project was completed in 2022, while the second half is scheduled for this year.  

The direction of clean energy in New York State is a topic of interest for Scott Smith & Son. In 2019 the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) was passed; and then in December 2022, a Climate Action Council (CAC) was appointed.

Scott Smith and Son supports initiatives for de-carbonization. For example, they have incorporated a blend of five percent renewable biofuels, which burns cleaner, and will evaluate additional steps going forward. 

Brandon remarked, “We will continue to be in the energy business and want to be part of the solution.”

Brandon further commented that the CAC’s plan raises concerns, and that, instead, launching a gradual process with a more realistic timeline should be considered.  

To learn more about how you can “Speak Up for Your Energy Future”, visit You can also find the “Speak Up for Your Energy Future” link on the Scott Smith & Son website located at

Regarding plans to celebrate 100 years, Scott Smith & Son has introduced a new logo featuring the year 1923. Other plans are forthcoming, with a potential appearance in the annual Strawberry Festival parade on the list. In the meantime, Scott Smith & Son will continue to support their community in various ways such as sponsoring local youth sports and participating in “Touch-A-Truck” and other events.  

For information or questions, call Scott Smith & Son at (607) 687-1803. Brandon noted, “A real person still answers the phone.”

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Seasonal Saturday hours are 8 a.m. to noon. You can also find information and valuable tips on their website, 

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