Rudin benefit to focus on household, and history

Rudin benefit to focus on household, and historyIn December, progress on a rebuild of the family’s home was visible, and as the cold winter air crept in. Another benefit, planned for Jan. 22, will help rebuild the history of the farm, and assist with any household needs. (Photo by Wendy Post)

As the Rudin family continues to rebuild from the fire that left their barn and adjacent home in Owego a complete loss at the end of last year, a group of community residents continue to assist the family through these difficult times. On Jan. 22, from 1 to 5 p.m., another benefit will take place at the VFW, located at 208 Main St. in Owego. This event will help raise dollars for household needs.

This winter has been a bit milder than last year, and the rebuild continues at the Rudin Farm on Gaskill Road. Just last month signs of a structure could be seen on top of the foundation that survived the fire. Roofing was being applied as the winter winds crept in. Progress was visible.

Rudin benefit to focus on household, and history

Terry Rudin is pictured by a piece of equipment as the rebuild continues at his Gaskill Road Farm, and home. (Photo by Wendy Post)

This writer worked with Peter Gordon, historian, to pull together some photo boards depicting the interesting history of the farm. These will be on display at the benefit, and guests are asked to bring any photos they may want to offer for a photo album.

Also at the benefit will be raffles, a bake sale, and some of the fun games found at the last event held in October. For a $10 donation, guests can sit down or take out a chicken and biscuit dinner as well. There will be coffee, and beverages will be available.

Call or text Kathy at (859) 358-0164 to learn more or to volunteer to help out at this event.

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