Maddie’s Meadows Pet of the Week

Hello, my name is Spry. I come from a broken home; my dad got the dogs, but apparently no one wanted us five kitties. The neighbors were feeding us, but when the freezing rains came they called Gail, who came out and captured three of us. 

My sister was pregnant and my brother needed eye surgery (thankfully he was adopted by the vet). When Gail showed up I was so relieved to be rescued I leaped right into her arms. 

I’ve been to the vet, so now it’s time for me to find a home of my own. I just love people and I am sure that I could find a way to make you love me, because I already love you! 

I am about eight months old and am looking forward to meeting you and moving in with a family that I can spend the rest of my life with. I will be a good girl and you will never want to put me outside, like the last family that had me. 

Please call Gail at (607) 689-3033 and ask for Spry.

Gail wanted me to mention to you that she has her own P.O. Box now, so if you want to send her a donation to help with all the vet bills that she has been getting, please send your check to Gail Ghi

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