Letter: ‘Eddie was an excellent Legislator’

Dear Editor,

Last week I attended the funeral and visiting hours for Eddie Hollenbeck. The outpouring of kindness and support for his family was impressive. The community came out to show their respect to both his memory and to support his family.  

As I mentioned in my statement in a recently published story, Eddie was an excellent Legislator. He was conscientious as a leader representing his community, and making good decisions for the taxpayers while being mindful of our obligations to provide services to the county.   

Eddie will always be remembered and appreciated for his teamwork and commitment. On Jan. 10, 2023, Eddie’s Birthday, at the January Legislative Meeting, the Legislature will recognize him posthumously with a formal Resolution in his honor, and which will be presented to his family.


Legislator Martha Sauerbrey

Chair, Tioga County Legislature

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